Tuesday, March 25, 2008

No title yet

Big game tonight. Any luck and the canes will move further away from the caps. We will see.

Just finished watching Karo Parisyan and Ryo Chonan from UFC 78. I was lucky 78 and 79 were in the mail today which only helped to motivate my workout this afternoon. Hit the weights a bit and put some more mileage on the elliptical. I'm up to 33.88 miles this year. Not nearly enough but it will increase.

Not much else to report today. We will see tomorrow if I can muster a little more.

Ouch double hammer fist.

Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm Drunker than I've been, Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah.

As I stated on the twitter I'm rollin' dice and fightin' monsters. Lets just say a point and decision was reached this weekend. Levels of urgency and effort were not always equal between individuals and things they need a changing. My career for the last eight months has been as confusing to me as this inside message is to you. Waters will be tested. The pinky toe is in and it feels kinda nice. I'm trying to remember Feet first, first time. More later.

Played a little hockey last week. It was enlightening to the human psyche. I probably played as hard as I possibly can. The effort was futile and frustrating. The most perplexing event occurred in the third period. The score was eight to nil for the bad guys and someone decided it would be appropriate to cross the ice with a full head of steam and run one of our guys. I guess eight to nothing wasn't enough for him. Maybe his daddy didn't love him. To the officials credit they removed him from the ice which was a sound decision. There were many of us discussing the various ways we were going to hurt that cat. Not hit, hurt. Just a bad scene, and I hate that kind of scene. Hate it enough to do something about it. People like that should not be allowed to play hockey in a rec league.