Saturday, February 27, 2010

Secret Invasion #1, New Avengers #40, Mighty Avengers #12, and Sachs & Violens #1

Good start to an old mini series. Nice to see some Perez artwork again. I don't tend to get much of his work anymore. Looking forward to finishing the series soon.

No real reviews or articles for this one.

Good grief the fun begins in this one. Secret invasion seems to have sprawled to all titles. I'm very excited to finally have reached this storyline and it will take some willpower to not dig into it, skipping the rest of my "to read" long box.

Articles and Reviews
More secret invasion tie in. Again super excited to finally be reading this.

Articles and Reviews

And because I have not written the words Secret Invasion enough. Well this is Secret Invasion #1 and it was about the Secret invasion of the Marvel Universe by the Skrulls. I for one welcome our new Alien overlords.

Articles and Reviews

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